D. José Molina Orosa: nota biográfica

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Better known as the "doctor of Lanzarote", Jose Molina was born on December 18, 1883 in Arrecife. At two years old he contracted a severe infantile paralysis, as recorded in the book that collects his life under the name of Jose Molina Orosa, the doctor of Lanzarote, which was due to a marked muscle atrophy of the lower extremities for the rest of his life, a fact that was perhaps when determining lean toward a career.

Molina's own suffering caused by diseases that marked his life story from early childhood, pledged the generous doctor for the rest of his life in the practice of the profession, always ready to help unconditionally all Lanzarote, without take into account the fees for their work should receive.
Finished high school at 15 years old, Molina moved to Cadiz for a preparatory course for entry into medical school, but bad luck again cross his path in the form of typhus, which also take away from studies for three years provides important consequences on their health.

Established already in Lanzarote, Molina stands out not only for his excellent skills as a physician and scientist, but also because of his great qualities as a human being, always concerned about alleviating the suffering of the sick and bring development and progress of modernity the island he loved. In his early years here, Molina faces precarious conditions in performing their duties.
Don Jose was sitting affectively, at any time of day or night, in the bed of "their" sick, offering their knowledge and belief, that was a lot!, To relieve pain and fight the dreadful anxiety that enveloped the sick .

After working in such poor conditions for some years considered urgent attention of the public and the authorities on the need for a hospital in Lanzarote, given that at that time only two houses welcomed the sick of the whole island and these were impractical to perform medical work. But the noble son Lanzarote efforts were not rewarded until 1950 with the inauguration of the Hospital Insular, because in previous years the politicians did not listen or did not want to hear your arguments.

He was director of the General Hospital of Lanzarote where his teaching was exemplary doctor for his teammates. Became an indefatigable fighter against tuberculosis. His reputation was built on his generosity and selflessness. Even today we remember the lives he saved, even if I had to pay for medicines out of pocket.
Dr. Molina Orosa died in 1966, at 83 years old, having professed a life of service to the citizens of Lanzarote.

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